Investment and Management



RIESE & OTHERS is Phillip and Tracey Riese's private investment vehicle.

  • Phillip Riese invests alongside a variety of Venture Capital and Private Equity firms globally with a focus on disruptive financial services and/or advanced analytics. Phillip also accepts equity in return for active board or advisory positions in the company in these sectors.
  • Tracey Riese invests alongside a variety of Seed Capital and Angel Investors focused on early stage business-to-business, big data, marketing and media companies. She is a managing director of Golden Seeds, an early stage investment group focused on women-led companies. Tracey also accepts equity in return for active board or advisory positions in companies in these sectors.

Our critical investment or involvement criteria are: The company must be or could become a passionate personal interest, solving an interesting problem; the executive team and board must be outstanding and enjoyable to work with; the company and the team must operate at the highest ethical levels; there is a reasonable probability that Phillip or Tracey can add value to the strategic and tactical operation of the company and the CEO will seek their input; and the company is expected to make outstanding returns over time.


  • Phillip, from time to time, provides personalized consultative and advisory services to CEOs and their teams to produce positive performance changes in very short time frames. In these cases he hand-assembles teams to focus on developing and executing market share and revenue growth strategies and brings resources to bear to generate rapid expense and cash flow savings.
  • Tracey leads TG Riese&  (www.tgriese.com) which, since 1994, has provided strategy and branding advisory services to some of the world’s best-known and most respected public and private companies and not-for-profit organizations. She works with the CEOs, boards and senior leadership teams to help establish, sustain or restore a leadership brand; evolve their business model and brand to meet emerging market demands; create markets that didn't previously exist, and position themselves to win in a changing landscape with uncertain dynamics.