Investment and Management



This is a brief list of companies that we have investment or other interests in at this time, managed by Phillip Riese



Appsolute Media develops and supports interactive Web, iPhone and TV applications that engage and entertain consumers and business clients, providing corporations, among other things:

  • End-to-end website development services
  • iPhone applications
  • Games and quizzes


Behalf helps Small Businesses in the US accelerate growth though the simplest form of financing - directed at paying their vendors and suppliers; and allows those vendors and suppliers to direct their customers to Behalf if and when they need financing for supplies and services. 

Phillip is a Board Member


Betterment is a goal-based online investment company delivering smart, personalized financial advice paired with low fees and a superb customer experience

Phillip is a Board Member.


China Rapid Finance is a major provider of Person-to-Person Lending Services in China, operating:

  • A major Wealth Management Network allowing wealthy consumers to invest their funds at high rates of return.
  • Multi-city person-to-person sales forces generating and servicing credit worthy consumers who need short, medium or longer term loans at competitive rates
  • A  best-in-class risk management operation ensuring that loans are approved and priced in a way that meets the needs of lenders, investors and shareholders.

Phillip is an adviser


eWise is a global provider of branded personal financial management and account aggregation platforms supporting the online banking offerings of some of the world's largest banks. As the industry's leading solution, it offers banks entirely new revenue streams and increased loyalty from customers who now have a simple and secure way to manage their finances online from their bank accounts.

    Phillip is Non-Executive Chairman of the Board


    Flywire (formerly peerTranfer) provides a fast, simple, accurate, compliant and low cost way for global citizens to make reliable and transparent payments of any size in a world without borders. With an initial focus on International Students, Flywire allows students or their parents from 175 countries to simply, reliably and cost effectively pay their tuition, room and board to a university, college, trade or other school in a country other than their own, in the currency of the country where the school in domiciled, and in the precise amount owed. Flywire has now extended this capability to serve medical patients seeking treatment in countries other than their own; and businesses operating globally.

    Phillip is Non-Executive Chairman of the Board



    Fundera is a free service allowing Small Business owners to find the business loan they deserve from a broad range of business lenders in the US. Small Businesses:

    • Save time - by filling a "common application", submitting the information needed to get a loan just once;
    • Save money - by securing and comparing multiple offers;
    • Save anxiety - by using the advice provided by Fundera to make sure that the loan they select is truly the best for their business need. 

    Phillip is a Board Member



    NeoGrowth provides working capital loans to small and medium businesses in India, secured against their future stream of credit card sales volume.


    NextJump is the premier provider of personalized consumer-based rewards and loyalty programs targeting customers, employees and members with outstanding, and frequently outrageous financial benefits in ways that meet the needs of partner Merchants, Corporations and Institutions worldwide.


    OLO exists to provide customers with better, faster more personal service from the restaurants they love. They provide a fully managed SaaS platform designed for multi-unit restaurants that deliver a perfectly tailored digital ordering program with all they features and fundtions the restaurant and their customers want and need. 


    PayOff.com is a place where people can come to fund their dreams. PayOff allows people to understand their full financial position today and every day; establish a "dream" and set a series of financial goals and milestones to achieve that dream; learn and develop strategies to better manage their money; use a series of tools, products and services provided by partners and special awards to fund the dream; and to share the dream with others.



    PayWithMyBank provides merchants, charities, government bodies and billers an alternative, simple, fast and low cost online payment option to Credit Cards in the US. Any consumer with an online banking account can pay on a  merchant or biller's website directly from their bank account by entering their bank account login and password - no card details to enter, no new account to create, no sensitive personal information communicated to third parties.


    Relay provides a comprehensive end to end text messaging platform and solution set, allowing  enterprises to create a dialogue with their customers on a device that is always on their person -their mobile phone - using text, the mode that is increasingly the preferred and most relevant, timely and responsive communication form for many. Relay allows consumers to positively opt-in, to ensure that the messages they receive are both important to them and from valid and approved service providers and ensures that all regulatory requirements for text communications are met.

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    Shanghai Harvest Network Technology is the leading distributor and technology innovator of mobile prepaid cards in China. Harvest currently operates in Shanghai, Guangdong, and Shandong and distributes prepaid cards for China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom.


    urban living design

    urban living interiors provides an end-to-end designer service to homeowners and property development and management companies: designing, developing and installing everything from individual pieces of furniture to the furnishing requirements of complete homes

    urban living furniture provides designer furniture and furnishings direct to the homeowner at unbeatable prices.


    YourGrocer is an online grocery warehouse providing delivery of popular grocery, household and office supply items at incredible prices to residences and small businesses in the greater New York area.


    YoYo is a mobile-first company dedicated to the proposition that retailers and their customers are searching for a mutually beneficial personal relationship.

    • Retailers want loyal customers and are prepared to reward them for their loyalty - with benefits like simpler and speedier transactions, front of the line status, points, price breaks and more.
    • And their customers appreciate these financial and non-financial recognition for their loyalty.

    And so the mutual benefits flow from the platform YoYo has built and deployed across Universities and Corporate Campuses and increasingly the High Street in the UK.

    Phillip is a Board Member


    Zopa is the worlds first person-to-person social lending site, where people meet to lend and borrow money. In doing so:

    • Lenders get great returns
    • Borrowers get low cost loans
    • No banks get in the way

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